There is also the shroud of turin, which verifies Jesus in a new way than other evidences.

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Anumeric societies

Started by Icarus, March 20, 2021, 06:54:48 PM

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I've studied some languages for background and tips for creating my own languages. I never gave thought to a numberless one.
"Maybe it's just a bunch of stuff that happens." -- Homer Simpson
"Some people focus on the destination. Atheists focus on the journey." -- Barry Goldberg

Ecurb Noselrub

It raises the issue of whether there are concepts that many or all of us lack which prevent us from properly understanding reality or the universe. Perhaps there is a whole category of concepts that we don't get, and that is why the universe seems strange. If we learned those concepts, it would be the key to opening up everything, like a new theory of relativity or quantum mechanics. It may be something we simply never imagined.