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Michael Shermer and the sexual misconduct allegations

Started by Sandra Craft, February 08, 2021, 02:27:54 AM

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Quote from: Sandra Craft on February 12, 2021, 02:44:27 PM
Quote from: Davin on February 11, 2021, 02:23:10 PM
I think this is pretty far off from talking about ideas and concepts from a person who did bad things though.

It's thread drift, it's inevitable.  :shrug:
Thread drift is fine, I was just mentioning it.
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Sandra Craft



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Anne D.

These accusations are old as hell and I thought had been discussed here before. I have no clue if Shermer took advantage of women at conferences, but the accusations seem vague at best. Adults have control of their own consumption, and men and women do things they regret when they drink. Shermer is a brilliant thinker. It's horrible if he's also a rapist, but he's still a brilliant thinker. And I don't think that there's adequate evidence he's a rapist. We have only a woman's recounting that she had sex she regrets.


I am what survives if it's slain - Zack Hemsey