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Is Homosexuality a Choice?

Started by MadBomr101, May 31, 2020, 04:58:14 PM

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billy rubin

we're monkeys, randy.

we behave exactly as monkeys have evolved to behave.

set the function, not the mechanism.

No one

Apes, really. Monkeys have tails.

billy rubin

set the function, not the mechanism.


"Maybe it's just a bunch of stuff that happens." -- Homer Simpson
"Some people focus on the destination. Atheists focus on the journey." -- Barry Goldberg

No one

Is that license up to date, billy?


'Apes with just enough brains to be dangerous.'
If religions were TV channels atheism is turning the TV off.
"Religion is a culture of faith; science is a culture of doubt." ― Richard P. Feynman
'It is said that your life flashes before your eyes just before you die. That is true, it's called Life.' - Terry Pratchett
Remember, your inability to grasp science is not a valid argument against it.

Old Seer

Agree. Intellect can be our worst enemy.
The only thing possible the world needs saving from are the ones running it.
Oh lord, save us from those wanting to save us.
I'm not a Theist.

No one

feathered dinosaur:
'Apes with just enough brains to be dangerous.'

And just enough stupidity to use it.