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Media and the new Coronavirus

Started by xSilverPhinx, April 13, 2020, 02:36:11 PM

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Old Seer

I Like my retirement. I'm already in my cave (where else would a Seer be)  ::) I have a few things to do like be sure I have enough over night wood in. I might have to head for the store 2 miles away. No corona virus in this area tho. I go on line to converse with du -ah no, not that- persons with like interests.  :)
The only thing possible the world needs saving from are the ones running it.
Oh lord, save us from those wanting to save us.
I'm not a Theist.


Quote from: Old Seer on April 13, 2020, 05:32:02 PM
Quote from: xSilverPhinx on April 13, 2020, 02:36:11 PM
Being cooped up inside our caves can be difficult, but that doesn't mean we can't have some sort of contact with the outside word. Most if not all of us have an televised image projector with which we can see shadows of the real world outside.

Popcorn and soda in hand accompanied by the guilt of having overeaten for the past few *cough* *cough* several days you sit in front of your TV and flick through the channels with your remote magic wand until you land on a mainstream news media station.

Coronavirus...coronavirus...coronavirus...coronavirus...coronavirus...coronavirus...coronavirus...coronavirus...coronavirus :blahblah:


"Ok, enough of this."

You flick through the channels again. CNN coronavirus...*click* BBC coronavirus...*click* BBC Brazil coronavirus...*click* until you finally land on a national news channel with lower ratings.

...and they're talking about something completely unrelated to coronavirus.

"What a lousy news channel," comes a voice from behind you. "We're in the middle of this crisis and they're talking about rescuing feral puppies."


That's it. You turn the TV off (but still finish your popcorn and soda). I guess I'll just swipe through my social media feed instead. Little do you know what's in store for you...
Agree. Recommendation: If you have a laptop/computer (this probably isn't new to you) bring up you tube. It has a wide variety of subjects that in my estimation would be interesting to anyone. My TV is connectable to my laptop, but watch very little TV programing.

I don't have a TV in my room. Even if I did, my daughter doesn't have cable. She has Netflix, and something else. I have Prime Video and my caretaker has Hulu. We share accounts. So I watch one of the net channels or I'll flip to YouTube.
"Maybe it's just a bunch of stuff that happens." -- Homer Simpson
"Some people focus on the destination. Atheists focus on the journey." -- Barry Goldberg


'This epidemic is now out of control': Why social distancing and face masks aren't enough.
Quote(CNN)Once again, Covid-19 deaths are rising after weeks of record-breaking new cases and hospitalizations.
"This epidemic is now out of control. And it's out of control mostly because of our own behavior," said William Haseltine, chairman and president of ACCESS Health International.

"People have not taken the consistent warnings of our health officials seriously. They are gathering in private and in public places without adequate protection. They are ignoring the advice."
At least 30 states suffered higher rates of new deaths this past week compared to the previous week, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

In 12 of those states, the increase in deaths was at least 50%: Washington, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Texas, Mississippi, Michigan, Ohio, Maine, Virginia, West Virginia and Alaska.
And test positivity rates -- an indicator of how rampantly a virus is spreading -- remains stubbornly high in more than 30 states.

From CNN about the county I live in and the COVID-19:
QuoteIn Gwinnett County, Georgia, where some parents protested in favor of in-person classes, at least 260 school district employees tested positive for the virus or were in contact with someone infected, a district spokeswoman said.

That announcement came days after teachers returned to classrooms for in-person pre-planning, CNN affiliate WSB reported.

That's the only mention of it in the entire article.0
"Maybe it's just a bunch of stuff that happens." -- Homer Simpson
"Some people focus on the destination. Atheists focus on the journey." -- Barry Goldberg