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Out of the Woodwork

Started by Recusant, April 11, 2020, 12:29:45 AM

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Are ya a-skeered yet? Ready to come to Jesus?

If we're really lucky, more preachers will arrive as the pandemic continues, sensing that perhaps now their evangelical efforts will meet with a more receptive audience. Or at least they can trot out their "THE END IS NIGH!" signs and march around with them. Such are the delights of our age.  ;D

"Religion is fundamentally opposed to everything I hold in veneration — courage, clear thinking, honesty, fairness, and above all, love of the truth."
— H. L. Mencken



Well, you know what they say, right? Preachers to foxholes like moths to a flame.

:notsure: they really say that? I'm not sure. Anyhoooow, yep, if we're really lucky we will see some preachers leaving their natural habitat to briefly wander into our neck of the woods. I will try my best not to feed them, but they can be so irresistibly squeaky sometimes!  ;D 

I am what survives if it's slain - Zack Hemsey


Pity the ignorant preacher and his loyal followers.  C19, like cannonballs, pay no mind.

We need not waste any pity on those unconscionable huckster preachers whose primary mission is to fleece the congregants. 

No one

Are we talking apple or rhubarb?

Old Seer

On you tube there's a channel, Two Preachers. No narration just videos. It shows up often enough, to often so I finally clicked on it. It's two guys showing end time catastrophes. The video was a flood going through a town, a dust devil, and something else, don't know but clicked out. I posted , it's not wise to put a city in a 100 year flood plain, and, between Deming and Hatch New Mexico there's 26 miles of dust Devils. ( a few are much larger then what they showed )
The only thing possible the world needs saving from are the ones running it.
Oh lord, save us from those wanting to save us.
I'm not a Theist