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Is this add a bit sus?

Started by Bad Penny II, November 13, 2019, 02:55:58 AM

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Bad Penny II

I felt a bit dodgy cropping girls on the towel so I did the whole page.
They look quite young, is this OK, am I getting old and prudish?
I'm not outraged or anything but ye, I think it's at least questionable so I questioning.

Take my advice, don't listen to me.

Dark Lightning

They appear to be adults of a mammalian species. Oh, were you mentioning the electronics? Sorry, I have no answer for that.


Hmm...All I see are two young girls who love Coke more than the average girl. They do buy a lot of Coke merchandise. Could be because it's a Coca Cola Beach "Limited Edition."  :notsure:
--Gotta have it!

The phones? I don't see what's questionable about the ad.

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Bad Penny II

It's possible they could be older than I first thought, or not.
Having two twelve year olds portrayed in that position would be pretty tacky in my view.
They aren't selling towels really, they're promoting an unhealthy product with the bodies of possibly underage girls.
Laying in the sun isn't something that's encouraged by many in these more enlightened times.
They could be doing something, carrying or god forbid riding a surfboard or something.
Having a model that looks underage but isn't could be considered problematic.
I suppose obese old blokes who enjoy a coke might enjoy the add though.
Take my advice, don't listen to me.


I appreciate advertisements that step on their own dicks, so to speak. They serve as a reminder of common denominators of our species in regard to behavior. Realistically, often those don't result in an image I find salutary.  :maskwink:
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