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Does God Poop? Of course, how else do you explain...

Started by The Magic Pudding.., September 07, 2023, 12:37:55 PM

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The Magic Pudding..

Does God Poop?  Of course, how else do you explain...

I was thinking geographic, but I've never been to Melbourne, maybe it's lovely there, sometimes.

I'm going for other manifestations of his creation.

How else do you explain the brain of the excited manly man sport commentator, screaming in his excitement over the path of a ball, a ball not his own, the motion of which he has played no part in.


Snigger snigger, chortle chortle.


Yes indeed, the man screams into his microphone when following the path of the ball in football and other manly games. Some of those manly games are played very well by women. We have an annual national basketball championship.  It is called "March Madness". Much yelling and knashing of the teeth takes place. Announcers scream franticly.

The Disney dynasty is immensely powerful. They own numerous television networks including the ones that broadcast American college football. About half the nation is consumed by the football games that occur on Saturday during the season. The season lasts from September through December and on to New Years day. Stadiums across the land attract spectators into giant stadiums. Some of the stadiums can accommodate 90,000 spectators.  The rest of us watch the game of our choice on the TV....................But not now that this season has started.

Disney has gotten even more greedy that usual. They sell the TV rights to the various cable suppliers who bring the programs to individual households. This year The cable providers refused to pay the vastly increased sums that Disney now demanded.

Diabolical Disney timed the treacherous surprise perfectly. I was poised to watch the first game of the year in which my college was to play. I was primed to watch the game. Millions of other enthusiastic football fans were doing the same.  The TV lead in coverage was rolling along as expected until the last second before the start of the game. SHAZAM! Disney cut off the game absolutely and the screen went blank. That happened all over the country. Disney is holding the fans (fanatics) hostage and denying us the god given right to watch the game of our choice. Some of us went almost into cardiac arrest.

Disney is still holding us hostage and millions of rabid fans are very angry.   


Quote from: Icarus on September 08, 2023, 01:17:45 AMDisney

The Asmo has half a mind to rant about how Disney's formerly-immense power and influence is rapidly dwindling through no fault other than their own. He also knows that such a rant would take a long time to type and has an internal battle going on between laziness and rantiness.

It's not easy, being The Asmo. :sadshake:
Quote from: Ecurb Noselrub on July 25, 2013, 08:18:52 PM
In Asmo's grey lump,
wrath and dark clouds gather force.
Luxembourg trembles.


Disney is going down the drain because they don't create new content but rehash old stuff with a bland and woke sauce on top. No more great and original storytelling because they think that being ideologically correct is more important. With other words they are destroying their own legacy with an utmost disrespect for the source material and fan base.
The universe never did make sense; I suspect it was built on government contract.
Robert A. Heinlein

billy rubin

disney is invisible in my life.

i have no television set.

i dont see movies except to spend time with my wife.

i used to have this kind of media in my life, but it has fallen away ovrr the years. something breaks, i dont replace it . . .  dont see this movie , easy to miss that one too . . .

the media thing has left me behind.

and how can you smile when your reasons for smiling are wrong?

Dark Lightning

Same here. I despise most TV programming. Before I got married, I didn't even have a TV. Not much for movies, either. The wife watches a lot of them at the cheap matinee, solo or with friends. I have an iPod for music so that I don't have to listen to any advertising.