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E-Sports an actual Sport?

Started by xSilverPhinx, April 30, 2019, 02:56:47 PM

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I saw a news report the other day on the growing e-sport phenomenon, in which professional videogame players pit their wits, talents and reflexes against one another -- individually or in teams -- in tournaments in order to win considerable cash prizes.

These seem to be getting very popular.

Do you think these can be considered an actual sport? In my mind, sports are much more about physical prowess but things seem to be changing and the definition could be expanded to include this more sedentary variety.

What do you think?
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Definitions change, but while we're at it they might as well start calling Jenga a sport. There's dexterity, reflexes, and even to possibility of team play but I don't see it as a sport. 

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No one

There's a difference between doing something for sport, and something being a sport.

Take for instance, running. Running is not a sport, however, it can be done competitively. This E-Sport fits into this category. Along with swimming, walking, golf.


I think it's fine if it keeps the "e" in "e-sport" so that we don't have to change too many things.

On a serious note, game controls are becoming more universal. In the beginning some games would have the A button be jump and other games would have the B button be jump, but over the years gamers and game developers have been getting closer to a universal standard where gamers can pick up almost any game and start playing without having to adjust too much. I think is important to making gaming an e-sport because then more is based on gamer ability and skill than on knowledge of the game. I think that's an important balance for competitive play in tournaments. I don't think knowledge of the game should be removed, but I think that player ability and skill needs to play a large part of winning as well.
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Certain elements in the chess and Go communities have been pushing for several years to have such games considered "mind sports." Even to the point that they've adopted sports drug prohibition standards. If they can choose that direction certainly the electronic gaming community can do the same.  This does involve expanding the definition of the word sport, but if enough people willingly adopt that expanded definition, then so be it.
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Good question, I'd like to reply as a formerly addicted/obsessed gamer.

No. I think there's a clear difference between sports like running and online killing.

I remember my first days in World of Warcraft. When I "fought enemies" back then I used to have a shock reaction of some sorts. After playing for long periods of time I stopped reacting which is a bad thing. There are better ways to deal with danger or fears. Ways without getting hurt.
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No. A sport requires physical prowess far beyond being able to manipulate a game controller or keyboard/mouse, as far as I'm concerned.
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Quote from: Firebird on November 02, 2019, 03:34:20 AM
No. A sport requires physical prowess far beyond being able to manipulate a game controller or keyboard/mouse, as far as I'm concerned.

But elite professional gamers do depend a lot on their physical prowess (and mental processing power), traits that separate them from the non-elite, such as fast muscular reactions/reflexes. That's why you don't see kids above a certain age group in the elite category, as these tend to slow down as we age.

We basically can't click a mouse button fast enough when compared to an adolescent.   :(
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