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Moral puzzle

Started by OldGit, June 23, 2018, 09:48:50 AM

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billy rubin

please forgive me reviving this, but its super interesting.

if theres a missing puzzle piece out of the box, the nature of the completed puzzle has changed. if the piece is unrecoverable, the puzzle is now complete, but with a hole in it.

conjecturing a theoretically different task--a puzzle with no holez-- means altering the nature of the puzzle from that which exists in the real world to a theoretical ideal form that it imitates but which does not actually exist.

which is the real puzzle? the one with or the one without the missing piece?

Given that most people struggle with legible handwriting already, the added complexity of cursive is an unnecessary burden. It is more practical and efficient to stick to standard print writing.

No one

Only if she gives me $1,000,000,000 each time she makes this claim.