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End-of-year maintenance

Started by Asmodean, December 20, 2018, 10:55:05 AM

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I will do some larger-scale maintenance on the site in the last week of December. I do not expect any significant downtime, and will announce both here and on Facebook if it becomes necessary, but if you see a call to copy your posts to clipboard before clicking "submit" in the next week-and-a-half, do please heed it.

-routine database backup and maintenance (table optimization, various recounts, reindex, etc)
-an attempt to improve database connection stability (solve the problem of very short, <1 second, drops in service throughout the day. I'm not certain that I can, but I will try)
-scheduled software updates (among them, some manual updates to files affected by mods)
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All praise Asmo!
(glad you're here ;-) )


No shit Asmo. There are many of us who sincerely appreciate your IT wizardry and the work that you have done to keep HAF afloat.    :not worthy:


Thanks, Asmo, it is much appreciated.
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