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Man? Woman?

Started by Dave, April 26, 2018, 05:05:09 PM

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Quote from: Davin on May 15, 2018, 02:49:43 PM
Quote from: Icarus on May 15, 2018, 01:08:46 AM
One who is entertained by the infliction of pain or of physical damage on another person is displaying evidence of savagery.  I have no reservations about demeaning savages or wann'a be savages.

That is not all, the latter day wann'a be savages pay perfectly good money to witness Roman coliseum like contests.  One would hope that we have gotten past the entertainment value for human destruction....or at least depictions of the lions mauling the Christians or whomever was unfortunate enough to be damned by one of the emperors. 

Call me a pussy if you choose.  What you do not know is that for a brief time I was a professional participant in wrestling show biz.  I have done a lot of different pursuits in my long life. That one is not one of my most proud ones.. One of the descriptions of the audience by the professionals was: rubes.... A pejorative.
I know I'm crazy, but I think people can like different things without insulting the other. While there are accidents, that kind of wrestling doesn't cause much harm to the wrestlers. As long as people keep trying to dehumanize others, like insulting them because they like or dislike something, we're not going to get past much.

Given your view presented here, I'm sure that you never watch or read anything that has human violence.

Yeah actually WWE is actually toned down alot. Which gives the context to that gif I posted. WWE is actually really docile compared to the WWE/F & WCW of the 90s and to New Japan Pro Wrestling. I posted the gif because it shows that women do just as much physically as a man and do it as a career just like a guy. And in this case with the gif, they do it better.
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It's also a bit like a straw man. I knew people that liked to watch wrestling, they didn't watch specifically for the violence, they watched largely for the comeuppance of the "bad" wrestlers. Like any other story, people like to see bad people taken care of. The ways and means are different per genre, but that simplified and abstracted ideal is the same. Just because the means is violence, doesn't mean that is the reason people are watching. I wish I could just muscle through some of my problems, I can't because they are complicated real world problems, but I can see the appeal of watching people overcome problems by their strength and determination alone.

Just saying that people watch wrestling for the violence in it, I think is not really seeing things from their perspective. Calling them all rubes and deranged I think is unfair and incorrect.
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Duly noted and acknowledged Davin.