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Happy Atheist Chat Room

Started by Whitney, June 21, 2008, 11:37:03 PM

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OK, well I'm Tweeting.

I think.


Looks like I found Whitney and vice versa. Now I just have to figure out what to do with this!
Elvis didn't do no drugs!
--Penn Jillette


You might like to use an application rather than the web interface. Once you get going with a few dozen people you're following, the web page can get a little... insufficient. I use Tweetdeck. You can also use it to follow hashtag searches. I have one of mine set up for "#atheist OR #atheism OR #freethinker OR #freethinking". :)


I use Firefox add ons: TwitterBar and RSS Ticker.  I post to twitter with TwitterBar and get my following feed with RSS Ticker.


... I see Twitter as useful for that 3.7 seconds I have between texting, blogging, forum posts, voice mail, cell-phone calls, email, and... what am I forgetting?  Oh, yeah, LIFE (and some work too ;-)

No Tweets For Me,


I have Twitterfon on my iPhone. It seems a little hard to use. Maybe it's not and maybe I'm just missing the way the interface works. I'll figure it out eventually though. But like Joe, I'm so swamped as it is that I don't know when I'll be able to Tweet!
Elvis didn't do no drugs!
--Penn Jillette


I think my Twittering...Tweetering...ah starting to bring more traffic to the site.

Anyway...I looked at the beta chat on phpbb is still in beta but a lot of people are using that mod without any issues.  So, I'm going to be setting up a test forum and giving the mod a test run.  Hopefully we can have chat on here by next month.  I am studying for my LEED exam which is at the end of June, so I don't want to promise the mod for this month.  It's pretty cool, you can see it in use here:  (scroll to the bottom)  I think the mod makes it be placed at the bottom of the forum list, I'm going to place it at the top so you can easily see it while going about your regular forum business.  I don't see why putting it in a different place should be difficult.

So, that's a glimpse of what is to come in the fairly near future.


I found out about Tiny Chat  through @atheisthitsquad  You can log into it with twitter and facebook accounts (or just log in with a random name) and it supports video and voice chat.  It can be embeded in the website.

Do we like this one?  I'm thinking of embedding this or something else at the top of each page so that we can easily see who is available for chat.  I may just use AddOn chat (the one linked at the top now) because it may fit better.


thanks for very  nice information..


I think a ll atheists should eat corrotts.
I lost more than a few tiles upon reentry


Unfortunately, people don't use it much anymore...


QuoteI find it mistifying that in this age of information, some people still deny the scientific history of our existence.


Appreciated info, its good to know..