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Tangled webs of econo-politics

Started by Dave, April 30, 2017, 08:09:47 AM

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Russia and Turkey, it seems, are cosying up to each other

This after Turkey shot down a Rusdian fighter that was assisting Assad and despite them being on opposite sides of the Syrian war. With other politicians that latter vould be seen as possibly positive but, with two highly nationalistic, authorative men with personal ambitions, maco, bullying reputations and almost cult hero status* . . .

Also Turkey has been NATO member since 1952, under a more secularly minded and West leaning regime - now, with Turkey's behaviour naking European membership less and less likely, and its leanings towards less democracy in government and law, Russia does sound like a better match.

Russia is after two things, economic friends on the fringes of the West (thus undermining the integrity of the Western alliances) and esrablishing strategic friends with Mediterranian ports.

Another case where loyalties and standards shift and slide according to expendencies and life, personal and economic, gets harder to predict. Expedency rules, OK!

* Trump could be said to be in the same club - if he were more intelligent.
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