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And now . . . Russia gets their spoon stirring Asia

Started by Dave, April 16, 2017, 05:15:55 PM

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Remember the story of the wars in Afghanistan? How the CIA supported and armed the Mujahideen against the Russians and the then government if Afghanistan? Then the Russians lost to the jihadis who morphed into the Taliban? Then American supported the new government against the Taliban, Al Q (originally part of the bunch the CIA were supporting) and now Daesh?

Now the Russians, once very pally with India, are now leaning towards Pakistan, India's favourite enemy. Plus it seems they are finding "common cause" with the Taliban (formerly part of their sworn enemy) and intend to get some of their leaders off the UN list of nasty people so they can talk to the Afghan leaders without fear of arrest. If those leaders wish to talk with them of course.

Russia is fast losing arms markets it seems, India and China now make their own, and thus are losing influence in the region.  China and Nepal are holding joint exercises, another worry for the very well armed India.

So, unless Russia gets the Taliban, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India to cuddle up on the same sofa there could be sparks. But, if the cuddling takes place and the West's (America's) nose is put severely out of joint, there could be sparks as well. (other sources are available)

Oh, shit!

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