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Not science as such but . . .

Started by Dave, March 04, 2017, 10:20:59 AM

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It is me again..................... What would we do without salt?  How would we salt the rim of our Margaritas?  A long time ago our salt had to be imported. It was expensive.  Then we learned something that certain indigenous people were aware of. ..................Salt in Appalachia?  Yep. Big time salt in a place that once was an ocean, namely West Virginia.

An interesting read here:


Christ, you lost me from the beginning. I'm sorry, Dave, but is there a book for dummies that I can read? haha
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Dave unfortunately passed away a while ago. So if you get an answer please tell us!  ;D 
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OK so we need Ice to make our margaritas, the ones with salt on the rim of the glass. Here is an interesting it about ice. A glacier that can and very well may fall into the sea, can raise sea level by two feet (0.6 meters).

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Thankfully it won't melt all at once!