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How do I stop debating Christians on yahoo answers?

Started by MatureMcLeod, September 29, 2016, 01:14:17 AM

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Thanks, I think I've been where he is. I understand his need to debate and argue, but it can be consuming and from MM'S posts, I get the feeling that he is deep in the clutches of this ferocious need to disprove and bash Christianity and the Bible. It can be a rough section of road.  :-\
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Pasta Chick

While I value further discussion and all, I have to point out that this topic is old and the OP is unlikely to be reading, let alone respond.  Not to say don't post, but don't post under the impression you are communicating and aiding an individual.


He last logged in less than two weeks ago, so it's not out of the question that he'll see the latest replies. As for responding to them, well, he's never been very good about that, but he's no Pahu, either.
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