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Would You Join An Atheist "Church"?

Started by Kekerusey, September 04, 2016, 09:13:28 PM

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If religions were TV channels atheism is turning the TV off.
"Religion is a culture of faith; science is a culture of doubt." ― Richard P. Feynman
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Quote from: Harmonie on September 08, 2016, 03:00:45 PM
I don't blame people for wanting something like it, but why call it 'church'?

Yeah, next thing you know they'll be calling atheism a "religion".  :headshake:

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I like the idea of community. I'm still involved with a church because its religiosity is very laid back and it's more a social thing. But, the structure of church is terrible: one person talks, the rest listen. I prefer a discussion, or perhaps a short talk from an expert and discussion. Luckily, we get to socialize and eat afterwards, and that lasts longer than the actual church service.

Of course, it helps that it's a very small congregation and we gather around a single large table together.


I'd definitely join a church if I could learn something. Not so much singing and dancing though. But if I could sit down and listen like a lecture was happening then I would amuse myself by going.
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Oh Jeffrey, always so preoccupied with whether or not if you could, but never stop to think if you should.


Apathy;  Subject matter that relates to whatever you might learn in church is best extracted from books. Books are more convenient in many ways. For example you can read a book while you are eating a sandwich, riding the subway, waiting for the clothes washer to complete its' cycle, you can read a book while naked if you want to.  You can, with the application of logic or plain common sense, recognize when a book is bull shitting you and you can discredit the book. When the deacon or preacher or Sunday school teacher presents irrational concepts you can not in good conscience blurt out that the speaker is full of crap.  Books are preferable.

It would be a rare church conversation or lecture that did not resort to the standard set of "facts" that they tend to believe without a shred of evidence to support their beliefs.  The  peculiar part, that defies understanding, is that many of the congregants are intelligent well educated people who persist in believing ancient outlandish tales and are convinced that their holy book is the authentic word of god. 


Yes but those people still insist on believing the book is true. Same can be said for Scientology. No matter how much I say the book is full of inconsistencies and has no evidence supporting whatever people claim it to be, they still frustratingly believe in it.

Going to a lecture or an athiest church is no different but at least I get to leave my house and meet people.
It's Okay To Say You're Welcome
     Just let people be themselves.
     Arturo The1  リ壱