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Started by Dave, August 16, 2016, 04:56:10 PM

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Do we need a new word/phrase for those of us who have stopped working for a living but are still functionally using our work experience and skills?

I still tend to describe myself as a "retired engineeting/development lab technician". Trye I am retired but using my skills (as I can without access to the kit I had at work) as much as needed.

So,  have not really retired as a technician, I have "re-purposed" my skill-set to non-work ends.

Hmm, do I describe myself as a "self re-purposed lab tech" and get others guessing what it neans!?

If you are no longer a wage slave but still using your skills how would you call yourself to give the idea you are still active?
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Good question G.  I am also a mechanical engineer who is still involved with at least some advisory responsibility. 

As a matter of fact I am not much concerned about a descriptive title.  I am satisfied with "Crafty Old fart" (COF) or something similar.