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Bluenose's upcoming UK adventure

Started by Bluenose, December 16, 2015, 06:04:28 AM

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If you are going to hire a vehicle do London first without it as it is much easier to get around the place via public transport, cars and London are a ball ache.
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Yes, my plan was to use public transport in London. After that most likely I'll use a combination of a car and a campervan. The former while visiting family and friends then the camper for wider travels. Definitely want to visit Scotland but I'd also like to visit the part of Wales where my old man was evacuated to during the war. I realize that I'll not be able to see everything, but i figure I can fit in a lot in 60 days!
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You could take a return boat trip along the Thames to get to Greenwich. You may like to take in a Shakespeare play at the Globe theatre.  The audience stands for the performance in the way they did in Shakespeare's day. They might even be able to heckle the actors in the way they did in Shakespeare's day, but I'm not sure about that. From the Chop House restaurant by Tower Bridge you can see the river traffic and the bridge opening and closing. I will also give you the names of a couple of pubs and bars.  If I am around it'd be great to meet you and other HAFers, although there don't seem to be many in the London area.
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