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Started by ~Jonathan~, August 03, 2006, 09:37:06 PM

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Victor Wooten and Bela Fleck, wow I thought I was alone in liking these guys.  Funnily enough, I took delivery of a dvd yesterday - Victor Wooten live at Bass Day 1998.  Stunning.  

Currently, right this minute, I'm listening to Sonny Landreth.  I love the way he plays slide guitar.  I also love the Blues and one of my fave players is Ronnie Earl.


Flecktones are garnering quite a following since traveling in with DMB the last few years.  Check out this website and go to the live music section.  They have hundreds of live Flecktones gigs online.

Have you ever heard of the Vital Techtones?  It was a fusion project between Wooten, Steve Smith and Scott Henderson.  It's sick, especially their version of Coltrane's "Giant Steps."  The CD is hard to find, but well worth the effort.



Being from the UK, are you a Jamie Cullum fan?  How about the Doves and Travis?  We have a good radio show in Tulsa, OK called "UK in the OK" on 104.5 the edge.

Asmodean Prime

Listen, peeps, I may like blues as far as it goes, and I do.

But I am an early Roxy Music fan.  I don't mean the relatively recent stuff, where Bryan Ferry has turned into something of an old crooner, along the lines of Frank Sinatra, but their early -1972 1973 stuff- and not the commercial, but their album tracks.

Phil Manzanera, Andy Mckay, Paul Thompson

Incredible.  Have you ever listened to it?  I mean REALLY listened to it?

Ah, you probably won't pay any attention to this post, anyway.  No matter.  Nothing lost.


I have no idea who you are talking about.


Quote from: "Squid"I have no idea who you are talking about.

onlyme has a bad habit of cluttering all the threads with crap that makes no sense.  I find it's best just to ignore him unless he's in his own special thread.

You know, "special".  It's like a short bus for the forum.   :stupid:

Hope this helps you Squid.   :)