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TOOL live anyone?

Started by tacoma_kyle, December 09, 2007, 01:31:54 AM

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I had the honor of seeing them in Portland at the Memorial Coliseum. fuckin amazing show....unbelievable. I wasn't high either  (nor do I).

Well worth the shitload in gas, tired as hell, and 10 hours of driving. Holy fuckin shit----best of the three shows I have seen from them. It would make great live footage if they got a live DVD cookin.

Trans Am opened for them. Didnt know until yesterday morning . They are a synth-rock type band. Pretty bad-ass. The bass, electric and drummer. The electric and drummer worked great together. On one of the tracks the bass guy went and did some keyboarding. They were pretty decent.

Then there is the real uncommon stuff ya get---show guests. Pat Mastelotto and Trey Gunn from King Crimson. I dont know how was who but outta no where after they came on after Trans Am. They had outta the loop style and it was fuckin awesome. They also came back 1/2 way through Lateralus (from TOOL if you didnt know) and did a 5-minute bit kinda tag-teaming on the drums with Danny (from TOOL, drums). It was bad ass---that took some practice.

The light show was off the fuckin hook. Incredible....they also had smoke machines goin the entire time (at Memorial Coliseum, indoors) so they light beams would be visible.

Oh yeah track listing-

Schism (little extended in middle)
10,000 Days parts 1+2
Rosetta Stoned
Lateralus (extended with guests)
46 & 2
Flood (extended---badass)
One other I always forget the title to on Aenema.

So yeah this sure as hell isnt my photo, came up on a TOOL website. Great shot, someone inside a control booth I think. They should put somethin like TA lined over it to keep from being stolen...well it was just taken on a iPhone so I guess its not too big of a deal. That kinda make me want one just so I have a decent camera. Oh and it was from the Portland show, I remember exactly when as well ... ... dZViewItem

Ok check this. That is a signed venue poster (not 'print-signed' but individually signed by the band), only for sale at the venue, very limited quantities. They cost 80 bucks a piece. Before you say....your a TOOL tool, read on. Not many knew about them, they were for sale with the rest but the sig's were subtle and the price was 80 so people were like 'WTF a 80 dollar poster?'. So yeah I have one from the Portland show I am ganna get framed, I'm ganna make a fram outta Black Walnut cause my dad has a little at my parents house. But by no means am I ganna sell it.
Me, my projects and random pictures, haha.

"Tom you gotta come out of the closet, oh my gawd!" lol


I had tickets to, but missed, the Perfect Circle show in Denver a good number of years back. That sucked. NIN didn't earn any praise from me that night either.
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That's cool.

Evgeny Kissin (the premier pianist for Chopin on the planet) is going to be in San Francisco March 11, 2009. I'll be going.
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Yeah if you are really into them, there is nothin like a TOOL show.

Wow, thats a early date Will. Sounds pretty excellent. Only think that sucks is it seems a little too long to know you have to wait.
Me, my projects and random pictures, haha.

"Tom you gotta come out of the closet, oh my gawd!" lol