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Hello all
« on: November 27, 2007, 05:32:39 AM »
Hi all:  I was reminded on an earlier thread that I should introduce myself.. I'm an Engineer from Montana and I'm new to this site.
 My views tend to stir up ALL sides of the theist/atheist debate, but I do use only science and physics in my discussions. I don't need the 'holy roller' or the 'monkey roller' emotionalisms.. Just the facts...
 I don't see a thread for such. I don't know if there really is a way to start such a thread. If there's one out there to join please let me know. I enjoy such debates.
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« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2007, 05:37:38 AM »
I consider myself a rationalist and would be glad to debate you. Welcome.

... though be careful with the "I can prove people wrong" thing. Many people around here are highly educated and capable of a decent level of debate.
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« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2007, 04:25:29 PM »
Welcome to the forum, doggone.  

Feel free to start a new thread in the appropriate forum.  (Look over the main forum categories and pick your poison!)

And remember the old careful what you wish for because you just might get it.   :)
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