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I just came out of the closet. I guess my atheism was long in comming but not surprising. I actually started a long religeous search through many beliefs and found none of them could awnser my questions. Then I started reading evidence against deities and writings. I think its kinda of like being an alcoholic, your not one tell you say you are even if youve known it for a long time. I didnt want to think about there not having to be an afterlife. To realize this and acceppt it has to be pretty enormous to most who were agnostic or religeous. I accept my time here on earth now and am looking at things differently. Blatantly it seems not only is religeon a fairy tale but if there were such a thing as Evil most religeons would be Its byproduct. Anyways now that the Placebo is revealed the world is a different place. I have lots of questions but I guess if I had to ask only one right now. Religeon being the vast majority I dont see us changing anything to save mankind. Science is keeping people healthy quicker than religion can kill each other off. Whether plague, war or whatever it does seem inevetable doesnt it. Smart people seem to become atheists so the vast majority of people will never convert even with proof, and lack of evidence. I see the earth surviving but us going the way of the dinasoaurs quicker than projections. I have herd diffent theories from authors and scientists but what do you people think? 100 years if were lucky? I would love to be proven wrong. Not that it matters. leo
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:welcome:  Who knows how long we have as a species.  I'm just waiting for a religious fundie to take the office of the presidency and whatever year that happens will be the end.  Anyway atheists can still change things we just have to organize.  Jews make up about 1% of the U.S. population but control the most lobbying power.  Atheists make up between 10-15% (depending on the study) the reason we have so little power is because we aren't organized.  Of all the lobbyists atheists only have one (Lori Lipman Brown).  We can't change the world if we aren't at the table.

Anyway welcome to the forum and I look forward to seeing more posts from you.
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