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Sorry, Last time I didn't find "Board Index"
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WHAT?! The only "God" I relate to is the sense of innate spirituality Socrates felt. Don't dare define it, is my opinion. It's smarter and better than you. It defines you, not you define it.

This is an earlier quote from fightin with some guy named Psalm how I describe my spirituality as a musical person.

So I'll give this group a secondary introduction other than my feat of absolute pitch: (this is health)

My spirit works even when my physical defenses were down (thyroid problems: woke up with 93 body temperature, mind was in a blur, joints felt like I was 90, muscle spasms, digestive problems); however, with lots of mind-fog research I denied my doctor and despite my high blood pressure (which is all they cared about) I ate iodized salt and my goiter left in a week and I successfully recovered before that organ was significantly damaged waiting for diagnosis.

I've always had a spiritual sense, but no doctrine, if you need a doctrine you're an idiot IMO.

Praise logic and praise the spirit.