Author Topic: Secular Coalition of America: Nine for ’09  (Read 814 times)


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Secular Coalition of America: Nine for ’09
« on: December 31, 2008, 02:19:35 AM »
Pastor Problems, Faith Forums and Godless Gotcha's on the campaign trail.  2008 was a tough year for atheists, humanists, agnostics and all Americans who are proud of our secular traditions.

Need a refresher? Watch our short video The Religious Test in Campaign '08, featuring candidates and journalists treating faith like a prerequisite for public office.

People can talk all they want about religion in the public square, but when it comes to governance and policy and electing our leaders, it's time to take a stand -- and according to recent polls, a growing number of Americans agree.

The Secular Coalition for America, a national organization that advocates for nontheistic Americans and lobbies for secular government, invites you to join our fight.  Start now.  Endorse our Nine for '09: Resolutions for Secular Citizens

1. Speak out and speak up about your beliefs and values
2. Join a local group -- it always starts at the grassroots
3. Become a walking, talking billboard for your beliefs
4. Help build the secular constituency in your own political party
5. Do your homework and keep up with issues affecting you  
6. Become a super e-activist
7. Become a citizen lobbyist
8. Write letters to the editor and call radio shows
9. Give your time or money to groups that represent your values

We are asking you to make a commitment in your everyday life to help us restore secular values to the way our leaders are elected and our country is governed. By signing your name - first, last, or even anonymous - to our petition, you will help us show that there is a big constituency for the issues the Secular Coalition fights for, and that we intend to be heard in the coming year.

Endorse our Nine for '09: Resolutions for Secular Citizens ... n_KEY=1786
Thank you for your support in 2008, and I wish you a very Happy New Year!

Best wishes,
Lori Lipman Brown, Director
Secular Coalition for America