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Themes, memes, plots and
« on: July 10, 2018, 04:42:15 PM »
I am reading a third book by the author Guy Antibes, all three involve magic.

All three have a set of things in common:
* the hero starts off disadvantaged in some way
* the hero has/finds/develops talents that give him potential advantages
* the hero has at least one wise mentor
* the hero triumphs despite all problems (of course)

There are probably others if I did an in-depth anslysis. But, looking back over the years this seems to be a common theme for many stories. Guy Antibes has written about 40 books and I would guess they all follow similar patterns. There is a series of romantic books published by Mills and Boon, I remember one of their authors saying that be could knock out one a week because they were all the same basic plot, just change names, locations, situation details etc.

Anyone else found this?

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