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The Islamic mindset.
« on: June 25, 2018, 12:50:17 PM »
You will be aware that I have often said that the Islamic mindset is just about totally alien to the Western one. I have also repeated the old adage that you have to get into another's mind to understand and defeat them - or at least at least gain a deep insight.

I think it is also so that, stripped of lies and ideology and assuming no pathological disease, all human minds have a fairly common baseline. I think this is demonstrated by the attached interview with Aimen Dean, a Muslim who went to Bosnia aged 16, after hearing that Muslims there were being killed merely because of their faith. He then joined al Q and trained in the making and use of bombs, chemicals and bio-warfare materials.

Gradually he came to see that the ultimate "reward" was not "Heaven" but rather a bottomless pit of "evil". He saw that al Q was going from atrocity to even worse atrocity. He eventually became that most vulnerable of fighters, a double agent working for the British Secret Intelligence Service. He reported back on everything al Q developed and identified those doing the work and being trained.
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