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Stephen Hawking dies aged 76

An amazing man, insperational in many ways. Imperfect in others.

Oh, dear, this is a real loss. I hope there is some kind of lasting meaningful memorial, not a statue etc but some sort of endowment to continue his work.

I have just heard it on the radio as I type this.


I'm not very good at obituaries, but I did find myself waking up to an emptier world once again, and this time in quite a big personal way.

Much of my curiosity, willingness to explore new ideas and go against the cards, which I was dealt, not to mention a fair chunk of my understanding of the Universe is thanks to his influence, as witnessed by the well-worn state of the pages of my old copy of A Brief History of Time.

A loss for rational, thinking world that his death represents, there is no doubt that many brilliant young minds now stand on the shoulders of giants, looking ever up and forward and growing into giants themselves, at least partly because of Hawking's contributions.

Ecurb Noselrub:
It’s amazing he lived this long with ALS.  Most die within a few years.  Remarkable.


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