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Re: Alternate History
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^Even if the history is accurate to the time it is written, it doesn't keep it from being used and manipulated by future generations to fit their goals. Even the Bible has multiple translations and that's just the tip of the iceberg. It's written old English that nobody uses or understands at all anymore. It makes it perfectly ambiguous to fit almost any situation and open to manipulation.

"History is bunk."
Henry Ford.

One of those things that bothers me about people quoting dead people who were successful in their time is that people treat them like they are an all knowing authority and should do, or should take into consideration, whatever it is that the person quoted has been quoted for. As if they are some infallible being that cannot be contradicted and still be safe, sane, correct, ect.

This is very common to be seen when people quote Einstein about his remarks for god or when Darwin said the thing he did about the eye. It's as if that is just how people's minds work and they don't want to think anything to the contrary.

Agreed, all quotes should be used in context. "History is bunk unless you learn from it," shall be my motto on the subject!
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