Author Topic: Brian Aldiss is dead  (Read 533 times)


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Brian Aldiss is dead
« on: August 25, 2017, 04:40:28 PM »
This may not mean a lot to non-sci-fi fans, or even non-UK sci-fi fans.

Aldiss was a bit of a doyen in the sc-fi genre, one of the thoughtful authors, and had one short story turned into a very good film by Kubric/Spielberg - AI.

His "Helliconia" trilogy was complex and inventive - and something I should read again.

It seems he was of the opinion that sci-fi does not really predict the future but was another view on the condition of mankind. (Womankind might differ!)
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Re: Brian Aldiss is dead
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2017, 07:10:49 PM »
Helliconia is one of my favourite triologies. I also loved Aldiss' short stories and his novel "Hothouse".
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Re: Brian Aldiss is dead
« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2017, 10:26:19 PM »
A name from my younger years. Farewell, Mr. Aldiss.
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