Author Topic: Should I perform at a Brit Milah?  (Read 909 times)

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Should I perform at a Brit Milah?
« on: June 25, 2013, 03:44:36 PM »
One of my performance gigs is at a local synagogue. I play cheesy, and occasionally good, Jewish/Hebrew and Klezmer music in a band. Interestingly enough, everyone in the band is atheistic  :o except for the drummer, a member of the temple. Just don't tell anyone from the synagogue that tidbit of info, alright? ;D

We are very good at making good Jewish music, and we have been asked by a member of the congregation to perform a double bris-- a bris is the Jewish custom of male circumcision that takes place in a ceremony called a Brit Milah "Covenant of Circumcision"--for a set of twins this coming month.

I think the custom is crude and risky, especially since it is not "authentic" if the infant has not spilled a drop of blood, and that the custom called metzitzah B'Peh meaning "oral suction" requires the Moleh, the circumciser, to place his mouth on the infants penile wounds to suck out blood. It is unnecessary if there is no medical need for it. Besides, you don't prove you are Jewish by dropping your pants.

My dilemma: Do I perform for this event and have myself a story to tell, or refuse to do it because of my personal ethics?