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Quote from: "McQ"
I've been reading this thread with interest, and I have to say that SteveS, you're doing a fine job.
Thanks man.  I appreciate it.  

Quote from: "McQ"
Micro/Macro debate is so weak it's laughable

Yeah - pretty much how I see it too.  So, let's go ahead and laugh  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  
Ah, felt good!

Squid - you rock.  That entire rebuttal was most excellent.  Have a cold one, you deserve it!  :cheers:
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Quote from: "SteveS"
Have a cold one, you deserve it!  :cheers:

Excellent idea - I shall put that plan in action right now.
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Re: Irreducible complexity
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Quote from: "Theist"
Merry belated Christmas everyone!

I'll get right to the point,
Michael Behe, a known biochemist once said irreducible complexity is "a single system which is composed of several well-matched interacting parts that contribute to the basic function, wherein the removal of any one of the parts causes the system to effectively cease functioning" So you take a mousetrap, you remove one part and the whole thing doesn't work anymore.
You take a look at anything living around you, even ourselves. What if we were designed without a heart? or bones? what if we had no muscle? Do you think we'd be what we are now? certainly not. We have everything we need to survive. Sure we die at some point, but while we live, we've all we really need. In order for all of this to be, there surely must be a creator. Intelligent and intentional design. The big man upstairs says, 'let there be light' there was light and then created everything else. He designed all of us to survive. Yes you could argue that there are people out there who die before they are even born, or there are those who are mentally/physically disabled, including myself. I am hard-of-hearing, mild hypotonia, meaning I'm not quite as strong as most people my age, I have what they call Aspergers syndrome which falls under the 'umbrella' of autism, I was born with Ruebella. So you are talking with someone who could quite easily say "No fair and just God could have created me to be like this." But I don't. So perhaps then you say, "he's just naive" but am I? Maybe I'm not naive, but have the ability to come to terms with what I was born with. Perhaps a lot of others like myself realize that there surely must be a reason as to why I'm like this, a purpose. And maybe we need to be humble enough to accept that. We aren't all created equally in our own perception because there are some who have things that others don't, or rather, some who don't have things that others do. That's becuase we have a tendecy, as humans, to compare and judge things according to what we see physically. In the eyes of God we are equal however because we all have a purpose.
So how can all this be, without an intelligent designer?

I'm going to embrace intelligent design for a moment.  We going to bask in all of it's glory together you and I.  The difference will be I'll say that aliens made us and other aliens made them and so on, until infinity.
Should we call aliens god since they made us?  They're not holy they're just real smart.  I know your going to have to say, well you can't say for sure it really was aliens but to that I respond well you don't know for sure that it was really a god.  

Neither of us can define a god since we both lack knowledge of god.  By knowledge I do not mean faith which is the opposite of knowlege.  If you have knowledge you don't need faith.  So we're both in the same boat whether we agree to an intelligent designer or not.
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