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Politics / Re: Duke of Bullshit: "The" Donald
« Last post by Tank on Today at 06:15:13 AM »
The best place I could find without starting a new thread :)

Laid Back Lounge / Re: Reasons to be cheerful!
« Last post by Dave on Today at 06:09:16 AM »
Two pieces of good news!

Congrats to buddy's bro and hoping DLs MiL gets even better.
Laid Back Lounge / Re: Things that make you chuckle
« Last post by jumbojak on Today at 05:37:18 AM »

Good lord this made me laugh!
Music / Re: Music that moves you
« Last post by Icarus on Today at 05:32:06 AM »
Here is a music critique worth watching.  It explains why and how the current popular music has found its place

Give it a try.
Laid Back Lounge / Re: Reasons To Be Grumpy thread
« Last post by Icarus on Today at 05:15:16 AM »
I once had a Hillman Husky that I liked very well. It was reliable and fun to drive.  My wife hated it like poison after it became, in her mind unreliable.  That was because she was driving in the city one day and the rear axle separated itself from the car. She was not a happy camper with that episode. We soon disposed of the Hillman in favor of a new 1964 Dodge Dart. Marital bliss resumed.

When Volvo cars first became available in the US, I was an auto mechanic, actually a race car tuner.  The Volvos with their 4 cylinder engine were pretty potent racers in their day. I tuned more than a few of them.
Laid Back Lounge / Re: 1,001 for ...
« Last post by hermes2015 on Today at 05:05:20 AM »

Keep them coming!
Miscellaneous / Re: Some of My Arts and Crafts
« Last post by Dark Lightning on Today at 02:11:05 AM »
Thanks, guys!  :D I have done a lot of woodworking and metal working over the years, but my camera skills basically just suck channel water. I've had people bag on me at woodworking websites about not publishing projects, but it's the camera (in)capability that caused that. I now have a cell phone with stabilization and stuff that helps me take pretty good pictures. Since there is some interest, I will take more and post them! :D I was also into high power rocketry for a while. Here's a piccie of the certification (for me as a Level 1 High Power rocket user- have to have the cert to buy motors) flight. It's a 1/4 scale model of an AIM-120D AMRAAM "Slammer" rocket. AMRAAM meaning Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile. Picture taken by some guy in the club whose cameras skillz were orders of magnitude better than mine. It's about 6'-6" long.

Laid Back Lounge / Re: Reasons to be cheerful!
« Last post by Dark Lightning on Today at 01:58:20 AM »
Cool beans!

As for my situation, my MiL is out of the hospital and in rehab to build her strength. She's actually able to stand up from sitting in a chair by herself now, and use her walker for short distances. After a week of that, we'll see. She may have to go to some sort of assisted care living facility. If she falls again, neither my wife or I can pick her up. But she's doing better, so here's hoping! You wouldn't believe what those places cost! She has a fair amount of investment income that would pay for it if needed. Otherwise, we'd be destitute in fairly short order. 'Murrica!  >:(
Laid Back Lounge / Re: Re: Reasons To Be Grumpy thread
« Last post by Dark Lightning on Today at 01:51:26 AM »
Hovinds, Comforts, Jubys, Davis', Lane Craigs!

I looked at that list for a few seconds before I got it. In the atheist sphere, these could be some pretty good invective!  ;D
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