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Politics / Re: New Politically Correct Language in the US
« Last post by hermes2015 on Today at 07:52:53 AM »
This is getting more and more like a satirical and farcical novel or movie every week.

Yes, an Orwellian pastiche.
Current Events / Re: French Pres Says We're Not Doing Enough
« Last post by Icarus on Today at 07:39:26 AM »
There is actually an elevated ridge that runs north and south in the interior of central Florida. We actually have some hills that are higher than 140 feet....well alright not much higher.

Down south we have a huge lake. Lake Okeechobee.  Its normal water level is several feet above the mean ground level and there are dikes all around the lake. The Kissimmee River as well as many of the watersheds north of the lake continuously fill the lake.  Okeechobee is one of the largest lakes in the whole of the US.  The dikes are old and deteriorating.  If the dikes ever break south Florida such as the Miami area, might be flooded, maybe demolished.  The everglades will get its water back however and the alligators and water snakes will be in their natural element again.

That lake has access to both the east and west coasts through a river to the west and huge canals heading to the east coast.  Each of these waterways have locks to regulate the water flow.

The problem is that the north watersheds are heavily agricultural.  Yes Florida is a major agricultural state, and does not rely entirely on extracting money from tourists. The outflow of the northern watershed is heavily polluted with ag chemicals.  The lake is polluted big time by all sorts of algae and other non natural biologics.  The release of water to the east, through the Saint Lucie Canal, has taken those pollutants to a formerly pristine bay that used to be a mecca for fishermen, boaters, and sun worshippers.  That bay is now so polluted that the fish and mollusks are dying.  That area in the summer is smelly. Real estate values have gone to hell there. ......This grumpy litany is the lead in to my long term crusade for zero population growth. 

We have too damned many people here in paradise.  Way back in time when I was a kid, the state population was at barely one million. Today the population is 20 million and growing every day.  If them Damned Yankees continue to come here we will run out of potable water. We are almost there right now.  Then there is the waste disposal problem. What does one do with the waste product of 20 million people. Our land fills are becoming less and less capable of biodegrading the huge mass of human waste product.  We are trying valiantly to separate recycleables from ordinary household waste.  We are losing the battle.  Where is the rapture when we need it?   

If it was not such a miserably cold place I might move to Lithuania.  Their population is diminishing noticeably. It is a beautiful country but not a well governed one.....Hey wait a minute.... Our country is not presently a well governed one either................... :exhausted:

(taking a deep breath now)
Politics / Re: New Politically Correct Language in the US
« Last post by Icarus on Today at 06:52:20 AM »
An exercise in stupidity.  How much of the OED shall we place out of bounds?  One must wonder about the identity of the dumb fuck who dreamed up this idiocy.  Maybe Roy Moore or one of his acolytes????  Pence?  He actually is a super sensitive goober.  Surely not the Trumpster.  He has a foul mouth that has been well demonstrated. ......Please tell me that this is a colossal hoax initiated by Saturday Night Live comedians.
Politics / Re: Name That Dictator Quiz
« Last post by Icarus on Today at 06:40:27 AM »
African ones got me too.  I guessed 41 of the others correctly. 

41 of 60 would get me a failing grade in 7th grade history class.
Good post Ecurb. Thank you.

Quite some time ago I used to go to an AME church on some Sunday mornings, but not inside it.  I used to sit outside and listen to the black choir that I enjoyed so much. I did make some casual friends at that church. They were interested  to know why a southern white guy would appreciate what and how they sing.  I was invited inside the church more than once.  I never did reveal that I did not believe what they believed.  No need to spoil a perfectly respectful relationship by two very different segments of society.

Ask HAF / Re: Living with the results of abuse.
« Last post by hermes2015 on Today at 03:09:33 AM »
Dave, I think sharing it here in our open-minded and supportive community will have some beneficial effects.
My take.  While I'm an attorney, I'm also an ordained minister.  I've preached in black churches in Texas and visited many more.  Over all, black churches follow a sort of tribal organization in which the preacher (he can be called a pastor, a prophet, an apostle, an elder, a bishop, etc.) is the tribal chieftain and shaman.  There is more hierarchy in black churches than in white churches (except for the Catholic church).  As is evident from election returns, blacks are overwhelmingly Democrats in the USA, and this is evident in church life.  There is little separation of church/state in black churches, similar to the fundamentalist/evangelical/conservative/Republican connection in white churches.  People like like "Reverend" Jesse Jackson and "Reverend" Al Sharpton are overtly political in their religious presentation.  The leaders of black churches generally have a vested interest in keeping the concept of blackness at the forefront, as it would not benefit them for blacks to start going to white churches.  They want them to stay black.  They are open to whites coming to their churches, but few whites want to do this.  So, as MLK said, 11:00 am on Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in American life.  White churches are white, black churches are black, Hispanic churches are Hispanic, Korean churches are Korean, etc.  This is understandable, as people feel more comfortable around those of their ilk.  But for blacks it means keeping the "us vs. them" motif alive.  So I agree that there are subtle suggestions to remain a victim in black churches, as that feeds into the narrative that "we are oppressed and we need to stick together" and "we need to support our black pastors and politicians", and the Democratic party is as much reliant on this as the Republican party is reliant on the white evangelical fundamentalist.   

All this being said, I've had some wonderful times in black churches.  They are not nearly as stayed and inhibited as Episcopalians or even Baptists.

I found it fascinating how folks will self-segregate into dif churches the first time visited the south.  Never encountered anything like it out west, except maybe the dedicated spanish masses for mexican catholics
Miscellaneous / terrible xtian movie
« Last post by AngelOfDeath on Today at 12:48:56 AM »
i watched this in netflix.  Really bad.

Ask HAF / Re: Living with the results of abuse.
« Last post by Recusant on Today at 12:39:10 AM »
Thank you for that post, Dave. A touching and courageous piece of writing.  :bravo:
Politics / Re: Name That Dictator Quiz
« Last post by Ecurb Noselrub on Today at 12:34:22 AM »
I only got 37.  I couldn't keep my Kims straight and totally tanked on Middle Eastern dictators.

It was the African ones who got me. I have no clue what goes on in the Congo.
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