Author Topic: The Closer We Get To 1/20/17, The Less Safe I Feel  (Read 1485 times)


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Re: The Closer We Get To 1/20/17, The Less Safe I Feel
« Reply #60 on: January 18, 2017, 09:01:45 PM »
My father-in-law flies in from Turkey on Friday to see his granddaughter for the first time, the day Trump is inaugurated. I'm hoping he won't be prevented from visiting again. That's the kind of thing I'm afraid of. That and climate change causing the world to go to hell in firechicklet's lifetime.

The total Muslim ban is not going to happen.  Hardly anyone in the GOP is completely for that.  Besides, Turkey is our ally and part of NATO.  I realize Trump thinks NATO is obsolete, but that's not likely to play well with the GOP.  Most of them think Russia is bad, and Turkey is a key component in both the Russia and the Middle East situation.  We don't want to piss off Turkey, so I think your father-in-law is safe for now.

I don't think it will either ultimately, but we've also talked about having them possibly move here if the situation in Turkey gets really bad, and that could definitely get affected. And they have to renew their tourist visas soon either way.
Turkey's part of NATO now, but I wonder how long that's going to last at this point.
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Re: The Closer We Get To 1/20/17, The Less Safe I Feel
« Reply #61 on: January 19, 2017, 06:39:53 AM »
It's going to be great when the majority of all three branches of the government are working against most Americans. /s

One of my hopes is that now that they will have the majority in all three, that Republicans in congress and the house will no longer feel the need to band together so tightly.

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