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Bluenose's upcoming UK adventure

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OK, all you Pommie HAFers, be warned of an impending Aussie invasion by the aforementioned me. I'm arriving in the UK in mid May 2016 and departing mid July.  I am planning on spending the first 2 weeks or so in the London area, then I'll be touring around, visiting various friends and family and stuff. I would love to get to meet any of the HAF crew that would like a visit from a wayward colonial. I'm happy to meet individually, or a group get together, or indeed both of the above. I'm looking to share tall tales and true, have a laugh (or twenty), maybe test you favourite local public house and/or restaurants or even a good fish and chippery or curry house if you know one. Suggestions of good things to see and do are most welcome.

If you can give me an approximate idea of your location it will help me plan a logical route around the country. Things i definitely want to visit are several of the museums in London (science, British & natural history) Grenwich, stonehenge, Portsmouth, the Fleet Air Arm museum at Yeovilton, and i don't know what else.

I'm in Leeds, Yorkshire. Google the following
Royal Armouries
Fountains Abbey

I'll add more ideas later.

Are you on your own?

Yep, I'll be travelling alone, so I'm completely free to do what I want!  <grin>

I expect Claire will chip in with some iconic Yorkshire locations. If you get up to Leeds over the weekend we'll be able to get over to Manchester to see Crow and Claire if they're up for it.

If I can find gainful employment by then or somehow magically conjure up some coinage, I might pop over again if there is going to be a thing.
I did miss Claire last time, after all.


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