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Ask HAF / Re: HAF Cutlery
« Last post by hermes2015 on Today at 12:58:35 PM »
Is this one better?
For the atheist connoisseur


Oh yes, thank you, I like it. The baby looks tasty as well.

Bit underdone for my taste, I prefer a nice crispy crackling...

Ask HAF / Re: HAF Cutlery
« Last post by Bluenose on Today at 12:10:02 PM »
Is this one better?
For the atheist connoisseur


Oh yes, thank you, I like it. The baby looks tasty as well.

Bit underdone for my taste, I prefer a nice crispy crackling...
Media / Re: What Are You Reading?
« Last post by Arturo on Today at 08:10:09 AM »
I have been reading the new Power Ranger's comic book cross over event known as "Shattered Grid" (there is context behind the name which I will get to)

There are two separate Power Ranger's comic books -Go Go Power Rangers (GGPR), and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (MMPR). Both of which are taking part in the same cross over event. (Or so I'm told.) I've read the available issues that have come out so far for both of these editions of the Shattered Grid Event (SG).

So the story picks up in the MMPR where the alternate timeline of Tommy Oliver/Green Ranger is still evil after being released from Rita's mind control. And the Power Rangers discover that he is still in their world as a prisoner to one of their close friends and hold an emergency meeting to decide what to do. Meanwhile Saba (the talking flying autonomous power sword of the white ranger) takes it upon himself to try and destroy the alternate time line Tommy Oliver aka Lord Drakkon but ends up freeing him by mistake and Drakkon tears the head off of Saba and uses Saba's magical powers to escape to another time and place.

Drakkon moves to a time where the Ninja Rangers are and asks the Blue Ninja Ranger to repair his broken Power Coin. Telling him that he was actually useful in assisting him in the future and giving Drakkon his powers. While the Blue Ninja tells him it was crafted poorly and he would expect more care from himself. Drakkon tells him that there was no time for such things and that there was a war about to break loose. He asks if they won the war, while Drakkon responds "Not yet..." Once he has finished repairing the power coin, Drakkon takes him hostage and...

Meanwhile the good Tommy Oliver and Kimberly (pink ranger) go out on a date and are going through the typical teenage angst about being in a relationship. They are dancing around each other trying to figure out where they fit and Tommy wants to have a good night kiss but Kimberly isn't feeling it. She just got out of a bad relationship and doesn't want to put that on Tommy ect. ect. They decide to leave without a good night kiss and Tommy walks down and ally telling himself he is stupid. Meanwhile Kimberly is thinking it over as well and goes back to find Tommy and yells his name. Tommy hears her calling and turns around to see who is calling when the Evil Tommy comes and stabs him in the back and takes his green chaos crystal to charge more of his powers.

Kim just barley finds him and morphs into the Pink Power Ranger to stop Lord Drakkon while another Pink Ranger from another time comes and stops him before he can overwhelm Kimberly.

Lord Drakkon escapes into another portal and Kimberly tries to help Tommy but it's too late...

The next issue picks up with Tommy on the operating table in the Power Rangers secret base and Alpha (the robot maid/butler/caretaker/ect) is trying to revive Tommy by hitting him with blue energy from the morphing grid (where the power rangers get their power). But it's no use. Tommy has died. And they all have to grieve. They put Tommy back into the ally where they found him and let the story break free. Tommy's parents are informed by the police. There is a funeral. And the rangers begin to grieve together...

But that does not last for long when they are called back to the secret base and are informed by the other pink ranger of what exactly is happening. Time is shattered. There was a single time line, power rangers that came after these power rangers. And then alternate timelines, like the kind of Lord Drakkon. And Lord Drakkon's attacks on the different time lines have shattered them all into their own separate universes in order to preserve themselves. But in doing so, it puts every other universe/time-space at risk of being destroyed. The longer it goes on, the close it gets to total destruction. And it all began in this spot where the original power rangers are when Lord Drakkon killed Tommy Oliver. Because Tommy was never supposed to die. And the fact that time is now broken, that means she cannot go back and forth through time anymore.

But they find a way to jump to the other universes since they are no longer existing in time-space. And they all go to assist the other power rangers against Lord Drakkon and his army. They are barely holding their own against just barely his army after Drakkon had infomed his soldiers to take the power coins from the rangers of this universe except for the red ranger who escaped. All the ones with the powers still group up when the soldiers fire a tank shot at them and they barely get out alive. They try to use an EMP device to disable the soldiers powers since they look and act similar to the power rangers. When that does not work they escape using their teleportation abilities.

The next page picks up with Lord Drakkon back at his castle beginning the process of becoming fully powered with the help of the Blue Ninja Ranger who is now under a mind control device.

And that is where the 3rd issue ends.

The GGPR has only one issue out and from what I've's mainly a prelude. They are fighting a putty (main foot soldier of the main bad girl Rita Repulsa). This putty is different than the others in that it can move it's body like a fluid and take the shape of anyone it wants. So it uses that to it's advantage in playing mind games with the Power Rangers but is ultimately defeated.

The Rangers congratulate themselves and move on to the next day. One thing I should mention is that there is no green ranger in this comic. The green ranger eventually shows up in the TV series as a nice guy and gets put under Rita's spell and transformed into the green ranger until he is freed and becomes a good power ranger. Later on he becomes the White Ranger.

The next day the Red Ranger/Jason asks the Yellow Ranger/Trini if what the putty said about her having feelings for him were true. And Trini said that the putty was just trying to use that against him. Billy/The Blue Power Ranger, informs his father that he doesn't want to go to the high class university but would still go to the "moderately exceptional" university that he chose for himself. And his Father gives Billy the relief of telling him that Billy is so much smarter than he is, that he is sure that whatever choice he makes will be the right one for him.

Zack-The Black Ranger and Kimberly (still the pink ranger) go to check on their friend Matty who was traumatized by something in an earlier issue. They cannot tell if he knows their secret of being the power rangers and is too stunned by that to even talk, or if he is in so much shock that he can't even remember what is happening. He also saw a lot of other things apparently that contributed to his catatonic state.

Zack asks if Kim is alright about Matt (I'm assuming there was a love story here) and that Kim explains that having an alter ego comes at a price. The price of having loved ones. That they serve as a distraction if they ever get in your way of being focused. And that if they do become a distraction, you don't even notice.

And the next page cuts to an evil pink power ranger with a green chaos crystal and some stuff about "this ought to have enough power to get you there" and the evil pink ranger saying "I'll bring our Lord back to us"

And that's that. That's all that's come out so far.
Music / Re: Favorite '90s Song(s)
« Last post by Arturo on Today at 07:00:42 AM »
Science / Re: Beneficial technology
« Last post by Arturo on Today at 06:54:17 AM »
A good improvement of technology with the disabled can be seen famously with stephen hawking.

As far as this can go. CRISPR can do wonders. The implications of success with that is they can genetically engineer babies to remove all genetic defects and improve on the "original design" and essentially eliminate disease. Although I'm not sure what the effects of changing a babies DNA before it is born is...Like when they tried to introduce trans fats, that actually turned out to be bad. But human experimentation is illegal. And I can understand the ethics of that. But the food now is getting progressively unhealthier, and I think the long term benefits of experimentation on a large scale like with the GMOs might out weight the negatives of the current path in time.

Unless everyone gives up eating meat and they start mass producing crops. But who knows if that will stay healthy...

And other things I like are these brain scans they want to do. Like brain mapping and incorporating into A.I. and study mental illnesses. I think that's cool...for me.
Ask HAF / Re: HAF Cutlery
« Last post by Arturo on Today at 06:29:58 AM »
I never got my cutlery.
Laid Back Lounge / Re: Things that make you chuckle
« Last post by Arturo on Today at 06:25:51 AM »

Spoiler: show
I thought it was a concert at first! :blush:

ETA two words and a whole context to go with them!

Or a combine harvester in a concert ;)
Obituaries / Re: Gunnery Sgt. R lee Ermey
« Last post by Arturo on Today at 06:24:13 AM »

Tbh this might be the only celebrity death that affects me but I'm never sad when someone dies. (except for one person trying to kill them self but they are still alive) I'm always happy if not feeling mildly okay. I'm not sure why this is but I grew up around death...a lot. So I always heard adults trying to find ways to feel better about it and I guess that rubs off on me in some many ways.
Obituaries / Re: Mini Me takes his final bow.
« Last post by Arturo on Today at 06:20:38 AM »
RIP minnie me.
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