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Science / Re: Nova! -the end of black hole/singularity fantasy:
« Last post by Davin on Today at 11:36:21 PM »

If you provided science, I would address it.
I sincerely doubt that.   But there's your chance^.

My chance to what? You still haven't provided any science. All you've provided are inane ramblings. Please back up your claim.
Laid Back Lounge / Re: What's on your mind today?
« Last post by jumbojak on Today at 11:32:21 PM »
Mini, right? Could indeed be an expensive fix. Or very cheap. Have you had anybody look at it yet?
Miscellaneous / Re: "Life Coaches"
« Last post by Icarus on Today at 11:31:43 PM »
 A life coach?  Really?  A credentialed psychiatrist, OK.  Too many self styled "life coaches" are out and out scammers.  I will add that there may be a few of them who could actually do some good.  How is one to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Life Coaches are not certified by a professional organization that has standards, central themes that have been substantiated by a lengthy history of positive results, peer reviews, and advanced education. 

I wish your brother well but I am skeptical about whether some stranger can motivate him to rearrange his ambitions, or modify his personality traits to affect better outcomes. Let us wish that it were so.
Incidentally xsP, there is an interesting article in the March edition of Scientific American magazine.  The  scholarly article is titled; "A Look Within".  It addresses treatments for depression, and addiction.  It also explores the prospect of measuring the right Hippocampus and other parts of the brain to link with a propensity...or not, for the ability to excel with mathematics and other complex topics.

One of the references is titled....Toward Clinically Useful Neuroimaging in Depression Treatment: Prognostic Utility Of Subgenual Cingulate Activity for Determining Depression Outcome in Therapy Across Studies,Scanners, and Patient Characteristics...................Whew!  That is a helluva title for a research paper. Obviously not for the lesser reader.  You will know what all those title words imply.

Laid Back Lounge / Re: Volunteering for an experiment
« Last post by Dragonia on Today at 11:25:51 PM »
I have signed on to an informational website that notifies me of studies in which I can participate at my age. I actually think I have found a long-term, online study to do. Not many studies around my area.
Ralph Apher -- CMB
Laid Back Lounge / Re: Dogs vs Kats
« Last post by Magdalena on Today at 11:13:46 PM »
This is the result of massive voter fraud by illegal aliens and meddling by North Katreans.  Our democracy is in peril.

It's a testimate to democracy that cats even won the vote, what with all the Gerbilmandering that the Dogocrats had been doing.

I'm sure an ugly monkey priest and a gorgeous witch influenced the voters also.

:dominidomini:    :cauldron:
Politics is getting insane...  :sad sigh:
I resent that statement!  >:(

Here is my president explaining why cats won fair and square.  :snooty:

He's very clear about it.
Science / Re: Nova! -the end of black hole/singularity fantasy:
« Last post by Rift Zone on Today at 10:45:55 PM »
I asked you to back that claim up.
You should have actually read that blurb on the demise of BBT.   In there it mentions structures like NGC 7603, and NGC 4319...   I don't think it mentioned the fact Halton Arp studied many more of these "anomalous" galaxies.    They all have a curious trait in common: there are multiple quasars in those structures, and those quasars all have differing red-shift values.   Modern science only accounts for Doppler effects when considering red-shift.   Modern science says gravitation is not a factor in producing red-shifts.   Modern science is very wrong.   Mother nature has galaxies all over the place that amount to one structure with greatly varying redshift values.   The quasars within those structures are about the same distance away from us.   The redshifts, processed through doppler alone, say those quasars, that are part of one structure, should be in entirely different places in the cosmos.   The lesson mother nature has for us is very clear: redshift is not purely a doppler thing.  And once you factor in gravationally induced redshift, the remaining doppler is negligible and it's clear the universe is not expanding.    -so much for dark energy, bye bye, denied by mother nature.   Then there's numerous facts that deny dark energy, like plasma interaction, known, legit, real! physics, can explain galaxy rotation...  -so much for dark energy, bye bye, denied by mother nature.   Now we're left our type of stuff in the universe, "observable" stuff...    My value is easily verified at this point. 

If you provided science, I would address it.
I sincerely doubt that.   But there's your chance^.
Media / Re: Post YouTube videos that don't suck!
« Last post by Icarus on Today at 10:24:37 PM »
Hilarious Davin.  I watched the whole damned thing. 

I once had a telephone scammer tell me that he was the county building inspector and that I needed to send money. I played with him for only a few minutes and then wearied of the game, whereupon I suggested that he eat shit with a dirty spoon and several other things. I was not nearly as creative as the guy in the vid.

Here is a toast to the scammer who was antagonizing the scammer.   :cheers:

Thanks for the fun.....even if it was a contrived scene. 
It's in the wrong section?    Oops, my bad.    You should petition to have it placed in a more appropriate location.
Laid Back Lounge / Re: What's on your mind today?
« Last post by Buddy on Today at 09:58:49 PM »
Welp, looks like my plan to buy a car in May just got fast tracked because my car broke down this morning, and I don’t know if it’s fixable. Now I have to make it through the week by somehow getting rides to my job 35 miles away. Good news is that I’ve already been approved for an auto loan so worst case scenario I just get my car early
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