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Religion / Re: Why God?
« Last post by Arturo on Today at 01:50:32 AM »
Repent ye sinners. So many of us are  are going to burn in hell.

Something about "Are we there yet?" comes to mind. And the Dad always said "NO!"

So I guess skydaddy is technically correct in this situation. The best kind of correct.

Introductions / Re: new forum member
« Last post by Arturo on Today at 01:48:42 AM »
Hello and welcome to the forum!

If I may ask are you familiar with the English language? Early on I thought you were the guy in the picture because you said "I never took it as seriously as I loved her." Then as I read I started to think otherwise and that was confirmed when I saw the female symbol on your profile here.

But it's nice to meet you and it seems we have had a lot of similar interests! I do also study religion for coping mechanism but identify as an atheist.

It's nice to know that you support your child in that way as well! :D
Laid Back Lounge / Re: Jumping back in...
« Last post by Arturo on Today at 01:42:24 AM »
Well I hope whatever happens Velma he can get through this soon.
Current Events / Re: Backsliding Southern Baptists
« Last post by Sandra Craft on Today at 01:41:53 AM »
Dave;"True christian values" are all over the map. Which ones are you referring to?

I would consider them those that follow Christ's teachings -- not all of which I think are good, but still a lot better than what the religious Right have created out of whole cloth.
Laid Back Lounge / Re: What's on your mind today?
« Last post by Arturo on Today at 01:41:33 AM »
I just watched a video from Jordan Peterson on his podcast and it was very interesting. It was about Men and Kids who grow up without fathers but I listened to it anyways because my Father was always there. And I think I got some insights into the way I am. Even though I had no Mother for a long time, I learned what kids learn from their Mothers and their Fathers. Fathers create the reward system with rough housing with their kids and the kids like that so the Fathers can then use that to delay the gratification. Mothers are more like "here you go" and point them directly to the object they want and because of that kids who are raised by their Mothers are more likely to have ADHD.

So that has a lot of implications for me and the way my brain works. And I can start to develop more techniques to soothe my troubled mind and negotiate with the world. Mostly Men have the ability to say no, but it's not "No never" it's "No, not right now." which explains the typical Father archetype of kids wanting to go to their Fathers and being brushed off until later. Which is where the "Daddy didn't hug me enough" thing came from. But I think I was not bothered by that as a child because I knew that the good would come later. What I need to know now is how the Mother works in a relationship with the child. And by doing that I think I understand how my Step Mother thought a little bit, and through that, myself.

So what I need to do now is step back into the realm of the Father and act like a man, instead of a woman.
Religion / Re: Why God?
« Last post by Icarus on Today at 12:50:47 AM »
Introductions / new forum member
« Last post by familyfarm on Today at 12:45:13 AM »
Hello, I've never been on an atheist forum before but have searched over the years. I've been an atheist since very small but raised by a German, strict and devout Catholic. I never really took it seriously though as I loved her. I had questions about everything and really didn't believe it but was confused a long time as anyone when told to stop asking questions. I studied the bible and theism, tried to follow the route especially after a first failed marriage from an abusive alcoholic and then losing my grandmother. Had no other close family and children to raise so I really tried to be very involved in a church for support but it always left me feeling frustrated and feeling really doubtful. I saw it from a more philosophical view but couldn't really stomach the downplay of science, etc.

I left trying with religion and started reading about Buddhism. I read everything I could and believed very much in the Bodhisattva teachings as a way of life. Not to confuse me for Buddhist but I believe in the science of it, the search for more knowledge, respect and questioning, lack of judgement and the outlook even on my life in general and maybe frustration at the past abuse in my life, etc. Not from an emotional view of good and bad but more from a philosophical view and the techniques with meditation.

I met my amazing husband whom lived in Italy. After a couple years going back and forth, many very deep discussions and probably the most profound first years of dating with our visits for the fact that his family is also very Italian Catholic and he had never really known someone with my views although they were a first connection in the philosophical readings and the fascination with Buddhism but more, it, with his help, brought everything home and clearly to me. My husband spent our first years of my visits taking me to the different churches in Rome, the Vatican and many Roman artifacts with real ties to the history of religion. He didn't show them to me in a theological way, he showed them to me in a way I keep with me in my awe. The history of it. It was rich and not judgemental or pushy. It was quiet and reverent and religion there was something I had never seen. It made me understand that there was nothing wrong with the fact that I didn't feel the belief and in a very strange way, it let me understand why my grandmother was.

My husband and I never wanted to marry. This is a huge contention I have. Neither of us. We made a commitment to each other on a date 12 years ago that I hold as our marriage, with his agreement. We had to marry for immigration guidelines although we always planned to live in his country. I and the kids moved to Italy the same year and lived there for 5 years before my son wanted to really come back for college, etc. His family was also dying and they were the main reason we always planned to stay there. We went through the very long separation and process (18 months) and moved, very stupidly, to Fla. I am from NY but just didn't want to throw him in snow.

We came back in 2014. My son is 20 now and ftm transgender. My husband and son did a lot with the help of a man in Cal whom did a lot to get implements, etc through customs and Matt transitioned at the age of 13. We went to many gay parades in Rome and he was even very popular there with small merchants very helpful and understanding. We didn't even question it actually. We did get a lot on fb from his biological father's family with bible quotes calling him 'devil' and other things so we shut it down but we chalked that up to their very extreme christian view and shut it down. We had to purchase our home without seeing it per immigration guidelines of re-establishing domicile and just had no clue the area was so southern in mentality. You can imagine my son went through hell after we got here. this is already long but suffice it to say they pushed him so far over the next couple years with the bullying, hateful words and then the elections with the signs and other horrible things, he tried to kill himself and we were surrounded by really hateful, extreme political christians. Hurricane Irma hit and we were already trying to move so we just left everything and started over after purchasing a home in NY with what we collected from our Fl home after damages were assessed. My son is happy, this place is wonderful and he is Christian. He also understands my personal feelings and we talk at length. We also support him in every way, that includes the church he goes to.

One last thing-hubby and I are amazing trekkies and sci fi geeks. Sorry so long. Haven't had many people to share this with.
Current Events / Re: Backsliding Southern Baptists
« Last post by Icarus on Today at 12:31:18 AM »
Dave;"True christian values" are all over the map. Which ones are you referring to?
Laid Back Lounge / Re: What are you Eating right now?
« Last post by Icarus on Today at 12:14:43 AM »
Sandy; the drill is to roast the pecans with a bit of brown sugar as a coating. Yummy!
Philosophy / Re: Questions about Humanism
« Last post by Sandra Craft on June 18, 2018, 11:27:25 PM »

Pardon me, please, if I find this view begs coincidence too often, and asserts absolute negations while at the same time confessing its ignorance.

That's an awful lot of assumptions in one place, which I'm guessing may be causing your difficulty in understanding.
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